Famous Places: Reaching the Top

Taking the stairs is always the healthiest option when you need to reach a destination that isn’t at ground level. But, it if you’ve ever tried walking up 10, 20, or even 30 or more flights of stairs, you know that it is a workout that only the strong survive. The option to use the elevator is one that makes you smile. There is little wonder why you want Minnesota elevator installation at your business as quickly as possible.

Look at the times that it’d take to reach the top of these famous locations if you walked up the stairs rather than used the elevator. These numbers show firsthand how great this invention really is and why it is important that an elevator is provided to customers at your business.

Shanghai Tower

This tower, located in Shanghai, China, has 3,167 steps that lead to the top. It’d take about 52 minutes to reach the top walking the over 1100 meters, but hop on the Mitsubishi elevator and reach the top in 31 seconds.

John Hancock Center

Minnesota elevator installation

The John Hancock Center in Chicago has 1,632 steps. If you choose to walk to the top, it is about a 28 minute stroll. If you prefer the easy way, the elevator takes you to the 100th floor.


The Las Vegas Stratosphere is a popular tourist attraction. Some visitors are brave enough to walk the 1,722 stairs that takes them about 27 minutes to reach the top, but many prefer the elevator. Hop on the elevator and the top is only 28 seconds away.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty isn’t as un-walkable as some of the others on the list. It’d take only about 7 minutes to walk the 377 stairs to the top. Many people achieve this feat every single day.